Sunday, October 7, 2012

Until I Die

Until I Die was another really good romance book I read this summer. It takes off from when Kate and Vincent are together, and Kate finds out that Vincent is a Revannt. But Kate does not know how the relationship is going to work out because of Vincent's urge to die to save others. With this feeling that Kate has she goes off exploring on how to maintain there relationship and how to not make Vincent feel guilty over not dying for people. She meets these two old Revannts and befriends the girl but believes the boy is bad. But it turns out that it is the opposite and the girl is is the head of the Revannt's enemies. This book is very suspenseful and makes you want to keep turning the pagers! i suggest you the first book of course but I suggest to everyone to read this book because it is really good, and it has what every girl is looking for in a book love, passion, hurdles that Vincent and Kate have to overcome, action, and some good old fashion fairy tale creatures!

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