Sunday, October 7, 2012

City of Lost Souls

City of lost souls is the fifth book in the MOrtal Instrument series. We were left off from when JAce went missing. Jace ends up being with Sebastian and Sebastian put a rune on JAce so that he thinks along the lines of what Sebastian thinks. When the Cave gave up with the search for JAce, Clary finds and goes off with Jace in the hopes of saving him. During the time Clary spends with Jace Sebastain is there and she learns anout his secret plans and that he is in love with her. During the time that Clary is with Jace and Sebastian, MAgnus and Alec, Maia and Jordan, and Isabelle and Simon are all having and starting their relationship. This book was not a disappointment CAssandra CLary has made another masterpiece!!!! .

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