Sunday, October 7, 2012

Amy and Roger's Epic Road Trip

This book is really good. it starts out with Amy living in a house all by herself, trying to deal with her dads death. Amy lives in California and her mom is in Connecticut setting up their new house. Her mom sets up a whole plan of how to get to Connecticut, in 4 days with  practically a complete stranger who will drive her across the country. During this adventure Amy visits place where she and her father went and Roger, the guy that is driving, is trying to figure out why his girlfriend broke up with him. After Amy's dad dies her world comes to a crushing halt, and Amy just gives up. Amy meets people that help her to understand that it wasn't her fault her dad died, it was just an accident. Amy and Roger end up,falling in love, and Amy overcomes her fear of driving. This book is an excellent example on how to come to acceptance with the past and just move on.

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