Sunday, October 7, 2012

Until I Die

Until I Die was another really good romance book I read this summer. It takes off from when Kate and Vincent are together, and Kate finds out that Vincent is a Revannt. But Kate does not know how the relationship is going to work out because of Vincent's urge to die to save others. With this feeling that Kate has she goes off exploring on how to maintain there relationship and how to not make Vincent feel guilty over not dying for people. She meets these two old Revannts and befriends the girl but believes the boy is bad. But it turns out that it is the opposite and the girl is is the head of the Revannt's enemies. This book is very suspenseful and makes you want to keep turning the pagers! i suggest you the first book of course but I suggest to everyone to read this book because it is really good, and it has what every girl is looking for in a book love, passion, hurdles that Vincent and Kate have to overcome, action, and some good old fashion fairy tale creatures!

Taken at Dusk

Taken at Dusk was a very good book it had romance, action, drama and suspense. In the romance part Kylie decided that she would be in love with Lucas and not Derek, but during the book she begins to wonder does Lucas really know and understand her? and she starts to think that Derek might have been the right choice. Miranda, Kylie's  friend, gives Perry another chance at being her boyfriend and she ends up falling head over heels for him. In the action department Red the vampire comes and saves Kylie multiple times, he also come in her dreams every once in a while saying that he is trying to protect her. Once the ground opened up and tried to swallow Kylie. Also Kylie gets a ghost who ends being her grandma. During the book Kylie is helping the ghost and is trying to find out who Kylie truly is. There was quite a lot of drama in this book, for starters Derek comes back to Shadow Falls, and with him came his ex. Kylie is jealous and mad at Derek's ex who slept with Derek, and even confronts Ellie (Derek's ex) about it. But the two end up becoming good friends. In the suspense part the ghost that ends up being her grandmother says repeatedly "Someone lives and someone dies." Kylie has no clue who it could be and she hopes that it's no one that she loves. And in the end Kylie finds out what she is. I really enjoyed this book especially the romance part but even with out the romance part it was still a great book!

Amy and Roger's Epic Road Trip

This book is really good. it starts out with Amy living in a house all by herself, trying to deal with her dads death. Amy lives in California and her mom is in Connecticut setting up their new house. Her mom sets up a whole plan of how to get to Connecticut, in 4 days with  practically a complete stranger who will drive her across the country. During this adventure Amy visits place where she and her father went and Roger, the guy that is driving, is trying to figure out why his girlfriend broke up with him. After Amy's dad dies her world comes to a crushing halt, and Amy just gives up. Amy meets people that help her to understand that it wasn't her fault her dad died, it was just an accident. Amy and Roger end up,falling in love, and Amy overcomes her fear of driving. This book is an excellent example on how to come to acceptance with the past and just move on.


Veronica Roth is a really good writer and Insugent is another wonderful book!! I loved this book I read it in  2 days!!! It was soooo good! It had suspense, romance, drama, action, it had everything!!! Tris is again out to save the world alongside her are her friends and boyfriend. She

City of Lost Souls

City of lost souls is the fifth book in the MOrtal Instrument series. We were left off from when JAce went missing. Jace ends up being with Sebastian and Sebastian put a rune on JAce so that he thinks along the lines of what Sebastian thinks. When the Cave gave up with the search for JAce, Clary finds and goes off with Jace in the hopes of saving him. During the time Clary spends with Jace Sebastain is there and she learns anout his secret plans and that he is in love with her. During the time that Clary is with Jace and Sebastian, MAgnus and Alec, Maia and Jordan, and Isabelle and Simon are all having and starting their relationship. This book was not a disappointment CAssandra CLary has made another masterpiece!!!! .


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