Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Girl of Fire and Thorns

The Girl of Fire and Thorns main character is Elisa. Elisa has to overcome many challenges in this book. She has to overcome her obesity, the fact that she carries the stone, and everyone expects her to do something because she is the bearer of the stone. Elisa is kidnapped and she falls in love with one of the kidnapers. While with the kidnappers she realizes her potential and knows that she wants to help these kidnappers and their city. Elisa marries the king of of the Capitol of one of the major countries. Elisa realizes that her husband has no courage and that she must be the ont to have the courage. Her husband dies in the battle and her lover dies in an unexpected way. Elisa saves her country and becomes the beloved queen that her country wanted.

Getting over Garrett Delaney

Getting over Garrett Delaney is a great book. When I first picked this book I thought it was a self help book, but i read the description and thought it sounded really good!!! And it was!! It was nice because the girl, Sadie, was trying to find herself! Which led her new found friends to figure out who they were too!! In the book Sadie is trying to stop liking her best friend Garret Delaney, but still be friends with him. In the book she realizes that everything she did was for him, and that she didn't really like anything of that he did. Sadie realizes who she is and realizes that Garret isn't as perfect as she thought he was!! And that there are other fish in the sea!


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