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Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare


In the magical underworld of Victorian London, Tessa Gray has at last found safety with the Shadowhunters. But that safety proves fleeting when rogue forces in the Clave plot to see her protector, Charlotte, replaced as head of the Institute. If Charlotte loses her position, Tessa will be out on the street—and easy prey for the mysterious Magister, who wants to use Tessa’s powers for his own dark ends.

With the help of the handsome, self-destructive Will and the fiercely devoted Jem, Tessa discovers that the Magister’s war on the Shadowhunters is deeply personal. He blames them for a long-ago tragedy that shattered his life. To unravel the secrets of the past, the trio journeys from mist-shrouded Yorkshire to a manor house that holds untold horrors, from the slums of London to an enchanted ballroom where Tessa discovers that the truth of her parentage is more sinister than she had imagined. When they encounter a clockwork demon bearing a warning for Will, they realize that the Magister himself knows their every move—and that one of their own has betrayed them.

Tessa finds her heart drawn more and more to Jem, though her longing for Will, despite his dark moods, continues to unsettle her. But something is changing in Will—the wall he has built around himself is crumbling. Could finding the Magister free Will from his secrets and give Tessa the answers about who she is and what she was born to do?

As their dangerous search for the Magister and the truth leads the friends into peril, Tessa learns that when love and lies are mixed, they can corrupt even the purest heart.

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When I first started the Infernal Devices series I was kinda hesitant, I mean how could it live up to the previous series Immortal Instruments. But these two books have shown that there can be some book that is just as good as the previous series. Clockwork Prince starts off with Jem and Tessa going to a Clave meeting--at this time they are only friends, but over the duration of the book their friendship becomes something more.

Will during the book is trying to find a demon to lift his curse off of him, so that he can go and confess to Tessa how much he loves her. At the Institute things are very stressed because Charlotte might lose the Institute if she does not find Mortmain, and she has only to weeks to do this. We find out some very surprising things in this book such as Bendict Lightwood has demon pox and is working alongside Mortmain in order to find a cure for his disease. Someone in the Institute has been spying for Nate, Tessa's brother, and guess who gets caught but no other than Jessie.

Jessie marries Nate in the illusion that she is in love with him and he with her, but that is not the case as we see in the end. Charlotte becomes pregnant and Tessa becomes engaged but to who Will, who confessed his heart to her, or Jem who Tessa has a fierce protectiveness and would do anything for him???

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