Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Everneath by Brodi Ashton


Nik wakes up in a dark place wrapped around a boy like she’s a wrapper to his Snicker bar but she’s not thinking of him. She’s remembering another boy with perfect hands and floppy hair. She’s actually in Everneath where the Immortal, Cole, has spent the last century feeding from her emotions. Nikki has become his Forfeit which means her life is not her own anymore. She chooses to Return to say her final goodbyes to her family and the boy whose face she’s dreamed of for a hundred nights, but letting go is the hardest thing she’ll ever do.

Nikki is messed up. Who wouldn’t be after losing her mother and her boyfriend and everything feels like it’s falling apart? When it all culminates into one horrible day, Nikki makes a devastating choice to end the pain. What struck me the most was how every emotion she felt transformed the pages of this book into a truly poignant story. We’ve all felt the familiar pangs of guilt and remorse for things we’ve done and Nikki finds out that there is always redemption, even when you don’t dare to hope for it.
I also enjoyed how Ashton wove her own touch of mythology into Everneath, mastering a unique twist on the age old story of Persephone and the underworld.
Reviewed by: Lostnthestacks
This is an advance reader's copy courtesy of NetGalley. Everneath will be released on January 24, 2012. Put your copy on hold in January!
Don’t forget to check out this amazing book trailer for Everneath!

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