Saturday, March 12, 2011

White Cat by Holly Black


Cassel Sharpe is a talented con artist who works as a bookie at his snooty prep school. But skilled as Cassel is, it’s nothing compared to the rest of his family, who are curse workers, able to control people’s memories, luck or emotions with the touch of a finger. Three years ago Cassel murdered a friend, the daughter of a crime lord, and now he’s having nightmares about a white cat and sleepwalking on the roof of his dormitory. He eventually realizes that he can’t even rely on his own memory.


The first in Holly Black’s Curse Workers series, White Cat, is a true adventure down the rabbit hole complete with mobsters, magic and murder. Following a white cat in his dreams, Cassel is shocked to learn there may be more to his nightmares than he realizes. After sleepwalking onto the roof of his school, he is forced to take a medical leave of absence. Soon Cassel discovers that his older brothers have been working him and getting him to carry out their crimi- nal schemes. With his memories buried, who can Cassel trust to lead him to the truth? Only the white cat may have the answers.

For the full effect of Black’s awesome storytelling, try out the audiobook read by Jesse Eisenberg, star of the movie, The Social Network. His voice is pitch perfect as Cassel Sharpe.

Look for the sequel, Red Glove, out on April 5!

Reading Rating:

I must admit--this book is NOT what I expected! I thought this would be a girlish fantasy, but this is the perfect guy book (and girls too) who want a little bit of suspense, adventure, and humor. It was a great listen as an audiobook, and I found myself wanting to put in the CD wherever I went. Loved, loved, loved :-)

Reviewed by: ch3rrybl0ss0m

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