Sunday, March 27, 2011

We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han

***SPOILERS for the previous books***

Belly has been with Jeremiah for two years. They are the cutest couple and everything is perfect. Until it's not. As their relationship takes a turn for the worst, Belly has to figure out her feelings for him before they make it forever.

Conrad screwed everything up with Belly. He thought he was doing the best thing for both of them when he pushed her away. He gave his brother the go ahead to be with her. All he wanted was for Belly to be happy. Now he knows what a huge mistake he has made.

Belly knows she has to choose, but which brother will it be?


So, I am a huge fan of Jenny Han. Once again she has struck true on matters of the heart. Out of all of Belly's books this was the most moving and heart wrenching. Of course, it is all worth it just for the ending. Books as beautiful as this are few and far between, I can't even remember the last time I read an ending as good as this one!!!

Reviewed by: Lostnthestacks

This was an advance review copy. We'll Always Have Summer will be available on April 26, 2011. Put your copy on hold in April!

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  1. Having read the other first two books of this series i have noticed how much belly grew up. Belly is someone who went through so much and i felt connected to her. This book is simply a must read to people who want a summer romance.



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