Monday, January 24, 2011

Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Jacinda is a draki, a descendant of dragons, who can shift into human form. Her talent as a fire-breather is a rare gift within the pride. She is treasured for her unique ability but when she rebels and is almost caught by hunters, her mother takes them to live a normal life among humans. Jacinda feels her draki slowly drifting away as time goes by and it’s not until she meets Will that a new fire ignites inside of her.

“My heart pounds in my chest as he draws closer. I know the precise moment he
sees me. He freezes, stills in the water, sinking low, his lips brushing the
waterline. We stare at each other. It will happen now. He will call the others.
They will swarm on me like hungry predators. Then he moves, swims closer in an
easy glide. A muscle feathers the flesh of his jaw, and something flutters in my
belly. He doesn’t look hard, as I’d imagined. He doesn’t look evil. He looks …

Looking for something with a different twist to read? Firelight by Sophie Jordan is my recommendation. Jacinda’s flair and daring bravery add to the great characters and fantastic world-building which make this a popular start to a brilliant new series.

Reviewed by: Lostnthestacks

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  1. This book was freaking fabulous! Like Firelight, I read this in one sitting! Yet again, my only complaint was the back and forth between not only Jacinda and Will, but also her and Cassian! So many feelings for everyone, I was on overload!



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