Thursday, September 16, 2010

Return to Paradise by Simone Elkeles

At the conclusion of Leaving Paradise, Maggie and Caleb still had some serious unresolved issues. So, it was really exciting to hear that Simone Elkeles asked her publisher to let her continue their story in Return to Paradise. Elkeles is a definite heavy hitter in the YA romance arena and she does not disappoint in her latest novel.
Maggie was the victim of a hit-and-run, Caleb went to jail for it. They both know that's not exactly the whole story but they struggle with revealing the truth to each other and to their families. Caleb's character definitely carries this book. He is raw, rugged, and most importantly real. He tries to stay out of trouble but what can he do when it seems to follow him everywhere he goes? The last thing he expects to do is go back to Paradise but it looks like all roads are leading that way. Maggie is doing a half-hearted job trying to move on after Caleb left her. It's obvious that what she feels for him is stronger than he or she can overcome. As soon as Caleb sees Maggie again it becomes evident that their chemistry is picking up right where it left off.

This is the perfect ending to their story and I was totally satisfied as I turned the last page. As for me, I will read anything that Elkeles puts out. Her characters are engaging and unpredictable in the very best ways!

Reviewed by: Lostnthestacks

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