Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready

Seventeen years ago there was an unexplained Shift that caused everyone born thereafter to see ghosts. Aura had never been comfortable interacting with ghosts until her boyfriend, Logan, dies on the night of his birthday. While it is unbearably painful to live without his touch she is grateful she can still hear and see him. If anyone could make you want to date a ghost, Logan would be him. He is the life of the party, even in death. Aura is researching the Shift, trying to figure out the origins of this mysterious phenomenon. Her new partner, Zachary, is more than willing to help if it will get him more time with her. Aura doesn’t want to give in to her attraction to Zachary but there is a lot about him that draws her closer and closer. His good looks and delectable Scottish accent are not helping matters. She just doesn’t know if she can get over Logan if he won’t accept his death and move on.

Smith-Ready’s first YA novel is an intriguing urban fantasy that will make you fall in love with ghost stories all over again.

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