Sunday, March 31, 2013

Return to Me

Return to Me was just one of those books where you just wanted to see the girl succeed. Rebecca starts out with having to move cross country and having to leave her house, her boyfriend, and all her friends. But she finds out that her dad was having an affair and she realizes that everything that she thought that she was doing for herself was really for her dad and so she decides to reinvent herself. She starts by taking a gap year and moving to Hawaii with her family, there she finds her calling. Return to Me is a book worth reading it shows how even when everything goes wrong there’s always a way to make things right.                             

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Just One Day

 I love Gayle Forman; I think she is an excellent writer! Just One Day was really good and the way the story played out I was really happy for the girl and how she finds herself and stands up for what she believes in. The girl went after for what she wanted and she never gave up even when she reached a dead end. This girl embodies a lot of characteristics that many girls wish to have. She stands up for herself even when it’s so hard, she goes after the truth, and she is the person she wants to be. I can’t wait for the companion novel!


 I was very hesitant at first I mean come on another Cinderella story?? And this one isn’t even normal Cinderella is a cyborg!! But every single negative thought about this book was immediately put out of my head as soon as I got past the first chapter!!! I absolutely loved this book! And I am so mad at myself that I didn’t read it before!! So the next time you see the book grab it, you won’t be disappointed! 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Jason & Kyra

SummaryJason is a basketball star and one of the most popular guys in school. Brainy Kyra isn't, but she doesn't much care what other people think. Under normal circumstances, Jason and Kyra would live in their separate worlds until graduation. But fate intervenes, and the unlikely duo is paired up for a class project. Although preconceived notions abound on both sides, Kyra soon realizes that Jason is not the dumb jock she anticipated. And Jason finds himself telling Kyra things he can't even tell his best friend. As the two become close and eventually start to fall in love, no one in school can believe it, especially Jason's ex-girlfriend, who is determined to get him back. Being together means navigating the obstacles that are coming their way-but staying apart may be impossible. Dana Davidson is a high school teacher who was the 2001 winner of the Newsweek WDIV Outstanding Teacher Award. This is her first book for young adults.

Review: From the moment I read the first page in this book, I could tell it would not be easy for me to put this book down easily. The way the author describes the thoughts and feelings of the main characters in this book makes the story come to life like it is right in front of your eyes. The best aspect of this book is the love story that just makes you melt. It is great at portraying how love can overcome all odds and criticisms while making each individual in the relationship even stronger and much closer. This is a great book to read and it relates a lot to teenagers and young adults. 

Favorite Quote: "But what I envy most is the love you give to others. Your such a good person and you change me for the better."

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Startled by His Furry Shorts

In the seventh book of Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, Georgia is dealing with the aftermath of Dave the Laugh telling her that he loves her. Massimo is also falling for Georgia but when Georgia gives him an ultimatum Massimo freaks Throughout the book Georgia is participating in Mac-Useless (Macbeth) play where she is constantly seeing Dave,and she is terribly awkward with him . Robbie had sent a letter to Georgia, and Jas started acting suspicious because at the end of the book Robbie comes back and Georgia has to choose Massimo or Robbie.This book is absolutely hilarious and you will not want to put the it down!!

Then He Ate my Boy Entrancers

In the sixth book of Confessions of Georgia Nicolson Georgia and Jas visit Hamburger-a-gogo (The United States). Georgia in the US was hilarious she ends up going to Tennessee because her dad and Uncle Eddie want to go see a car show. Georgia is still trying to woe the sexy Massimo and when she finds out that he is going to the States, she tries to find him. This book is so funny!! I was reading it one day during school and I would start laughing really hard!!!  

Away Laughing on a Fast Camel

Book five in the series of the Confession of Georgia Nicolson is hilarious. The whole time I was reading the book I would laugh out loud. Georgia in the book is now depressingly sad when her boyfriend breaks up with her and goes off to Kiwi-A-Gogo land (New Zealand) but soon her world brightens up when she sees the sexy Massimo who had taken Robbie's place in the band. In this book Georgia is trying to woe Massimo. This book is laugh out loud funny and will put a smile on your face, just like the rest of Louise Renninson's books.


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